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The Board of Directors is composed of elected members who choose to reinvest their time and experience to shape the future of the Alliance. These members care passionately about the long-term success of the Alliance and lead committees of our members to drive growth, education, and interaction through our ongoing “MBA” series, speaker events, social activities and thought leadership programs.
Marc Shapses
Evan Friedman
Vice President
Craig Rothman
Frank Fortino
Jon Ecker
Board Member
David Quinn
Board Member
Ira Reisman
Board Member
Adam M Felsenstein
Associate Board Member

A Note from the President:

As a proud member of the Alliance for almost twenty years and it’s President for the past twelve, I know first hand how life changing being part of this organization is. Our members and many guests have become part of my extended family and inner circle of advisors and friends.The years, months and days I have invested in the Alliance have had a profound effect on both my business and personal life. I am honored to work with such an incredible team of talented individuals on the board and in our committees and am so grateful for their similar commitment to making the Alliance a best in class organization.

Marc Shapses

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